How To Grow Spinach

How To Grow Spinach - Country Living Style
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Spring spinach appears on the country living kitchen table shortly after the very first green onion tops and just before the first lettuce harvest. This is the moment to enjoy it - before the weather becomes hot and before the spinach bolts to seed. In most varieties of spinach, the soil hugging rosette of thick green leaves is deeply crumpled (savoyed).

Plan to sow spinach seeds the moment the ground has dried out enough in order to burrow. Sow the seeds an inch away from each other. Thin the plants to three inches separate while they grow. Late July or early august plantings provides you with a fall Spinach crop. To improve germination in very hot weather, cool the kernels for a few days before planting. Spinach planted in september will usually make it through the winter under some mulch, all set to continue growing the following spring. There are several winter varieties to choose from.

Caring For Your Spinach Plant…

How To Can - How To Can Tomatoes

How To Can Tomatoes

Before going to the tutorial, here is a list of some things you will need for the canning process.

1. Boiling Canner

2. Pressurized Canner
3. Canning Set
4. 32 oz Mason Jars

5. 24 oz Mason Jars

 6. If you need extra lids  - extra Wide Mouth Mason Jar Canning Lids

7. If you Need Extra Rings - Wide Mouth mason Jar Rings

How To Can Tomatoes - Here We Go!
Canning tomatoes invokes images of cozy the summer months when we harvested the big, crimson, succulent tomatoes dangling hefty on the plant, while our parents prepped up the old stove and got ready to secure a portion of the harvest for off-season use. The canned tomatoes tasted so good because they were grown organically in rich dirt.

Home gardens which produce heirloom tomatoes should be appreciated by storing the extra produce grown out of them. Home canning is lots of fun, can be a family endeavor and also it is an emergency strategy for potentially challenging days ahead where food shortage is a rising probability. Gather …

Five Indications For A Change To The Country Lifestyle

Five Indications For A Change To The Country Lifestyle

Changing your residency is full of choices and may also be daunting: Which house, land parcel, or the logistics to mainstream stores are at least the main things to consider. Both city living and country living offer advantages and disadvantages, depending on perspective. If your only place of residence has been in the city, the country might be appealing or challenging based on your personality. Here are five humble evidences you are ready to ditch your few feet of grass for some acreage.
You might be tired of neighbors, tired of the close proximity: 
Neighbors are great for some things. For example, they can act as extra eyes for surveillance on your home when you're traveling for some time. However, this kind of surveillance may become a nuisance as well. Noisy neighbors, poor lawn care, poor environment hygiene (trash littering), personal privacy, dealing with the unruly neighborhood children always enticing yours to get into…

All Natural Home Made Goat Milk Soap for Psoriasis and Eczema.

Home-made Goat Milk Soap

One of the wonderful benefits of country living is having goats! Ah goats are wonderful creatures given to us by Jesus.  As a result, we can make lots of soap using their rich, fatty milk.  Goat milk soaps are good for every skin types. regardless if a person has dehydrated itchy skin or not. Some people with dehydrated scratchy skin resulting from ailments such as psoriasis and eczema, are tormented with continual flaking. Goat milk soap will soothe the pains of dehydrated victims. These handmade natural products are pleasing and extremely moisturizing. If one has oily skin or inconsistencies, Goat Milk soap is what is needed. Natural goat milk soap has a high achievement rates! A number of individuals do not understand or are less knowledgeable of goat milk soap and the benefits. over the weeks, lots of individuals keep using the usual generic soaps that are very chemically strong for their skin. They just don't realize there is a home made substitute tha…

Managing Psoriasis With The Aid Of Neem Essential Oil

Treating Skin Psoriasis With Neem Oil Disclaimer: Please always consult your dermatologist/doctor before using essential oils for health reasons.

A very important factor to bear in mind is that there are currently no cure for skin psoriasis. However, many psoriasis affected individuals have been capable of finding relief from the symptoms of psoriasis. They have successfully kept skin psoriasis flare-ups to a minimum making use of various treatment strategies by using all-natural essential natural oils. One of these natural oils for psoriasis treatment is Neem essential oil. Here are some of the uses of Neem essential oil:

1. Pest Killer
This one is among the most commonly acknowledged usage of Neem within the Western world. There are lots of studies that suggest that Neem will be able to get rid of, ward off or affect the harming results and reproduction of diverse agricultural domestic pets like weevils, beetles, and many more annoying pests.  Additionally, studies show that even a mod…

From City to Country

These are chaotic times we are living in.  A time of increased distrust between people, big manufactures, government etc. As if the pandemic wasn't wake up call enough, we now see riots. They both have one thing in common..affecting the city areas most. Could this be God warning us it is time to leave the cities? If you do not believe in God, could you not still come to the same conclusion? View some other reasons for country living here, otherwise, stay here and keep reading.

Where is safe? In fact, when America first shut down, for my family nothing had changed. We stopped taking the children to the grocery store and we started worshiping at home on Sabbath. My husbands brother living in Baltimore called him complaining of the boredom being stuck inside! Meanwhile we were home living as usual, getting a lot done on the farm since my husband was now home due to covid. I try not to sound offending or insensitive but life has been great! I think there are others that feel this way to…