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From City to Country

These are chaotic times we are living in.  A time of increased distrust between people, big manufactures, government etc. As if the pandemic wasn't wake up call enough, we now see riots. They both have one thing in common..affecting the city areas most. Could this be God warning us it is time to leave the cities? If you do not believe in God, could you not still come to the same conclusion? View some other reasons for country living here, otherwise, stay here and keep reading. Where is safe? In fact, when America first shut down, for my family nothing had changed. We stopped taking the children to the grocery store and we started worshiping at home on Sabbath. My husbands brother living in Baltimore called him complaining of the boredom being stuck inside! Meanwhile we were home living as usual, getting a lot done on the farm since my husband was now home due to covid. I try not to sound offending or insensitive but life has been great! I think there are others that feel this way