From City to Country

These are chaotic times we are living in.  A time of increased distrust between people, big manufactures, government etc. As if the pandemic wasn't wake up call enough, we now see riots. They both have one thing in common..affecting the city areas most. Could this be God warning us it is time to leave the cities? If you do not believe in God, could you not still come to the same conclusion? View some other reasons for country living here, otherwise, stay here and keep reading.

Where is safe?

In fact, when America first shut down, for my family nothing had changed. We stopped taking the children to the grocery store and we started worshiping at home on Sabbath. My husbands brother living in Baltimore called him complaining of the boredom being stuck inside! Meanwhile we were home living as usual, getting a lot done on the farm since my husband was now working at home due to covid. I try not to sound offending or insensitive but life has been great! I think there are others that feel this way too..the ones that were able to work from home or have paid time off. Finally life slowed down and families were reunited. Again, I am only mentioning the positive, I know there is drastically negative as well, it is not my intention to be insensitive. We have many projects here on the farm in anticipation to generate income and are just holding to God's promises of provision.
Speaking of generating income, you could support our small farm and benefit from this luxurious homemade goat milk soap we make! It is my most recent project and I am excited to finally have gotten into soap making. The goat milk is even from our very own goats!
Now, fast forward and just as we saw the hype of covid-19 dying down a bit, there are now riots taking place. the CITY. We feel so far removed from (what it feels right to say) "the outside world." We aren't in the middle of nowhere though. The nearest grocery store is only 15 minutes BUT it's a small town and we see a lot of land and gardening taking place.

Raising a family in the country

I no longer go for walks with a baby in stroller in a neighborhood and we barely take our children to a playground. Our world is constantly their playground. We have land and we are outside most of the day. After a full day of rain yesterday, many places were swamped. Our boys found a pond was made in a sinkhole on our property. My husband made them two boats made of blue plastic barrels and they were happy as could be for hours in less than 2 feet of water! As soon as we are all up we are out feeding the animals or watering anything we planted that isn't watered by sprinkler. Particularly during this time of the pandemic, I need to note our children have not been stuck inside. They have been getting much fresh air and sunshine and as far as they can tell life is great, especially with daddy home.

I think there are special lessons that come from accomplishment by the sweat the ones brow. Living simply is in many ways happiness. Children today are in an instant gratitude society and so incredibly stimulated. The bar is being constantly raised and will eventually be unable to be met. My 2-5 year olds are so content with little. I catch myself wanting to buy them more, to spoil them, but I stop myself. For their own good we decide to keep it simple and let them create and imagine. That may sound too ridiculous to some but to many I have met that have come to a similar understanding, it sits right. Children have way too much these days, doing more harm than good. Is it not better to be satisfied, happy, and able to cherish the simpler things? Take them out and let them use their imaginations. Play is their learning-they are a bunch of adventurers! I love watching them so happy and content to play in the sand or dirt. My 3 and 5 year old are excited to plant; any fruit that they eat that has a seed is going in the ground! 
We want to instill in the children a business mindset as well. From early on they are taking on responsibilities that are helping them to grow and be independent. We have animals and they don't always feed themselves! Each child learns from the oldest and children naturally want to learn and help.  There are so many projects they can get involved with to learn and also to make money from an early age on their own.

Health- a major priority

God has placed sun, fresh air, and clean water as the necessities for us to thrive mentally and physically! My exercise is my daily routine and the needs of the farm. I have no choice but to be active even on the days I don't want to! My husband and I actually connected on our love for the gym and commitment to fitness. Now while our commitment is still in fitness and health, its no longer spent on something that doesn't add up to something. Does that sound judgemental? I am only judging myself! I think of all the energy I spent inside a gym and even on a treadmill. Now I enjoy spending my energy planting, building, and creating all while increasing my strength and health. Man is suppose to enjoy his work, that is part of life! I was always afraid I would be stuck living to work but now we are living to work and working to a good and gratifying way! Our work is rewarding and enjoyable. Gone are the days of having to make the time to prioritize my health, we have ensured that our life and our health are inclusive.


Now, I can't write about country living without disclosing information about gardening! This was our first year being able to be serious about gardening (the children getting older). My, how rewarding! But oh, my! how discouraging at times! I use to think you can plant a seed in the ground and it would grow as long as it is watered. 

I don't want to be completely dependent on a grocery store because as we easily that reality can crumble. It is said that during the great depression the people out in the country lived as kings and queens. Many that were barely affected were gardening and canning.  Living in the city is very convenient and that is the appeal. Farming families sent their children into the cities for better education and a better easier life. Now the big executive would frown upon the work of a farmer, too good for such a thing. But truly the mindset is all wrong. Who is actually more important and what skills are more valuable. What is truly essential. Like I said, I thought burying a seed and watering it was a done deal. There is much to be learned about soil amendment, pests, seasons etc. Of course, even more work is required if wanting to grow your food naturally and without these chemicals much of us are being poisoned with at the stores.

True Freedom

My husband and I truly enjoy each others company and working side by side. We have each other, each other and a side of each other. Life is simple, there is stress but its far from suffocating. Before we bought our home, I wanted a handsome big house, a decent sized yard for kids to play and that was as far as my dreams went. My husband stood his ground with the vision God had given him in his heart; land is priority. We now have a modest cozy home on acreage on what feels like our promised land. The Lord has given us so much growth and direction here. I think my mindset has evolved the most and my priorities and values. When I travel and am staying amongst houses so close together I feel absolutely suffocated, even though this was my entire upbringing; amazing how perspectives change!

You don't have to own a farm, but to us, we enjoy having the animals and fresh eggs. Plus since we garden, the manure comes in super handy! We strive to raise a family unpolluted by the world. We are living the blessed life- justified by faith and enjoying the process of sanctification, enjoying the bounty the earth's soil was created to provide, enjoying the fresh air and life giving rays of the Son/sun. Life is as sweet as the wooded grassy air we breathe and I pray for this blessing to be extended to others.

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