Five Indications For A Change To The Country Lifestyle

 Five Indications For A Change To The Country Lifestyle

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Changing your residency is full of choices and may also be daunting: Which house, land parcel, or the logistics to mainstream stores are at least the main things to consider. Both city living and country living offer advantages and disadvantages, depending on perspective. If your only place of residence has been in the city, the country might be appealing or challenging based on your personality. Here are five humble evidences you are ready to ditch your few feet of grass for some acreage.

  • You might be tired of neighbors, tired of the close proximity: 

Neighbors are great for some things. For example, they can act as extra eyes for surveillance on your home when you're traveling for some time. However, this kind of surveillance may become a nuisance as well. Noisy neighbors, poor lawn care, poor environment hygiene (trash littering), personal privacy, dealing with the unruly neighborhood children always enticing yours to get into trouble, neighbor's dog somehow always pooping on your freshly mowed lawn (like ten square feet of grass...really?) and the list continues. Country living, however, can relieve some if not all of this strain. Living in the country doesn't mean you will be free of neighbors, but the area between your homes will allow you lots of breathing space. You won't feel like neighbors are the walls in your home, illustrated in the pretty little human-bird cages in the photo above...

  • More yard space: 
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A city gives a wide variety of yard sizes: some city yard spaces are large enough for a small gathering to host a barbeque party, some large enough just to keep a trampoline and some to yards are just big enough to be your dog's toilet. Regardless, the biggest city yard is just incomparable to that of a country yard. Where one can measure a city yards measured in square feet, country yards have to be measured in terms of acreage. If you are seeking a yard that you can sprint in or throw a Frisbee as far as you're able, you need a country yard.

  • You and/or your family want pets, lots of them: 
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A pet horse or goat won't be so happy grazing  on a few feet of grass, being fed grain 99.99% of the time.  It's not healthy for them.  Dogs need lots of space to run around and do weird things.  In come cities 4-6 hens may be allowed. Definitely not a rooster.  But you love fresh eggs, not the thin shelled unhealthy ones at the store, laid by hundreds and thousands of hens crammed into a dirty chicken house(breeding grounds for Coccidiosis).  The farm fresh eggs are denser, the yolk is bright orange due to the hens getting enough protein from eating bugs.  They hens roam freely or at least are within a protected area so Foxes, Racoons and Coyotes won't eat them. However, they have space and fresh air; Oh, the chickens also function as your bug eliminator.  So you don't have to worry about having your grass and foliage sprayed with harmful chemicals.Moreover, you can have that rooster.  Yep! They're loud and proud in the early morning; you won't need an alarm.
  • Worn Out By City Life: 
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The city is good for certain things: restaurants, taverns, and shopping malls are all within walking distance. But, a city can also come with its fair share of problems: crime, noise, and pollution are just a few examples. The country, while not necessarily void of the aforementioned issues, is generally less likely to have them. With a huge reduction in traffic and people, country life is much more quiet and tranquil.  You will find these two vital elements , aforementioned, necessitate living in the country.

  • Unpolluted air: 
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Do you love the smell of gasoline, trash cans on the sidewalk and cigarette smoke being blown in your face as you walk past people on your way to the city park, with your children? - If you answered "yes", then please stay in the city. You will be disappointed to not find these things in the country. However, if you love fresh unadulterated air(I mean except going past some depends - but hey, all that stuff is organic, all natural so it's all good), then welcome to the country then! The only time I smell exhaust is if I start my car and bend down to sniff the muffler! Don't try this by the way, it was a joke. If you want fresh air, with the confidence that you're truly breathing fresh air, then living in the country is the best option. 

Back to neighbors: If you care to build quality relationships with your neighbors, developing deeper relationships are more likely in the country. However this is not to say it can't happen in the city. I say country neighbor relationships may be deeper for logical reasons. There may be the hussle because everyone regardless of location need to work, but the bustle is almost non existent. In the country, people are more likely to stop what they're doing to talk with you. Members of my family have lived in New York City and in rural areas. They've said the difference is huge. In the city people seem rude because they're rushing to catch the next train, bus or taxi. They may or may not intend this rudeness, it just comes with the territory. In fact, what someone coming from the country may see as rude, in the city may well be normal behavior. Everything's fast paced, so having an evening chat with the neighbor in the city may or may not happen. People in the city usually have a lot more business happening. 

When my relatives moved to rural areas, they were shocked that people wanted to stop and just speak with them. In fact, they found it somewhat challenging to adjust because now they had to learn to slow the pace down. To enjoy life, one really does need to slow down and experience the gifts that Jesus have created for us. In the city, it's always a rush to the next thing, so it's very difficult to enjoy peaceful, calm moments. Everyday I wake up and open the doors to let the cool morning air flow through the house(stays cool until 11 am in the summer, saves on the AC bill), I step off the porch and just walk out in the grass. I look around and all I see are trees and my barn, then the sheep, goats and donkeys peacefully grazing. The children rush out with excitement for the day's new adventures. How many grasshoppers will they catch today? Will anyone get bitten by red ants(ouch! comes with the territory), that pesky squirrel is eating my sprouted wheat again! Oh well, I love this life. We have large dogs to protect the family. I can start the laundry and make breakfast while the children play and get their early morning workout outside, without the fear of danger to them(intruders have along walk up the driveway, then will need to contend with the dogs and more).

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