How To Grow Spinach

How To Grow Spinach - Country Living Style


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Spring spinach appears on the country living kitchen table shortly after the very first green onion tops and just before the first lettuce harvest. This is the moment to enjoy it - before the weather becomes hot and before the spinach bolts to seed. In most varieties of spinach, the soil hugging rosette of thick green leaves is deeply crumpled (savoyed).

Plan to sow spinach seeds the moment the ground has dried out enough in order to burrow. Sow the seeds an inch away from each other. Thin the plants to three inches separate while they grow. Late July or early august plantings provides you with a fall Spinach crop. To improve germination in very hot weather, cool the kernels for a few days before planting. Spinach planted in september will usually make it through the winter under some mulch, all set to continue growing the following spring. There are several winter varieties to choose from.
Caring For Your Spinach Plants

Spinach grows quickly when it has great dirt and plentiful wetness. Administer lime on your spinach row if you have acidic soil. During the spring months, soil are saturated with rain and tend to become very muddy. Put mulch round the spinach plants in order to prevent the low growing leaves from getting muddy.
Harvesting Your Spinach Leaves

Pick off the individual leaves as soon as they are big enough to be consumed. The usual time to harvest is about 45 days from planting. Cut off the top of the plant, leaving behind a small stub to allow the plant to develop fresh leaves for a second harvest. Bear in mind since the days get hotter and lengthier, the leaves becomes tougher and bitter. Cut as early as possible and once the vegetation is no longer edible, turn them under the soil or toss them in your compost pile.


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